3 Main Reasons Why Go Green in the World

Why go green anyway? Renewable energy plays a very important part when it comes to the conservation of energy. This is because they offer an alternative instead of using fossil fuels. Having been made of various organic elements, fossil fuels are emits elements that are harmful to the environment. Carbon oxides, lead oxide, sulfur and phosphorous are some of end-product of petroleum. When emitted in air, these products interfere with the ozone layer such that they cause global warming. Global warming in turn affects the climate due to temperature change. This is why most environmental governing bodies stress on the importance of using renewable energy.


The other reason as to why renewable energy is more recommended is that it is clean and no fumes are emitted. For instance, in solar panels, no by products are released except in may be in the batteries. The entire transitions involve electrons and current, and hence environmental friendly. In fossil fuels, for energy to be produced, it means that combustion has to take place. As such, fumes and gases are released and hence affecting the environment negatively. When released in air, these gases combine with atmosphere water and hence altering with its chemical properties. When the rain falls, the acid water formed affects the plants and also corrode other metallic items on the earth surface. When rain falls in a lake, it tends to alter the chemical properties of the lake and hence affecting marine life, creating a reason of why go green.

Renewable energy is cheap. This is because after installation, maintenance cost is very minimal. However the initial cost of installation is high. For you to obtain fossil fuel, one has to exploit from deep down the floor making the total cost too expensive. Across the globe, only few parts are rich in oil wells. This adds to total cost due to transportation and other factors.

Renewable energy is unlimited and is provided freely by nature. No one has control over sunlight, wind or rain and hence these natural resources can be accessed at any time. Unlike fossil fuel, an oil producing country can decided to hold oil, hike prices or even lack adequate capital to do the drilling. This is why fuel prices keeps on fluctuating.

The above comparison helps us to know why go green. Government policies that tend to protect natural vegetation. It should also take the responsibility of encouraging the use of renewable energy so as to replace the use of non-renewable fuels.  Unfortunately, most industries heavily depend on oil as its primary source of energy. This is why up to date it is hard to curb the effects caused by the fossil fuel. Further researches on why go green are being carried out so as to ensure that they have come up with new equipment that will be efficient when using renewable energy. In conclusion, people should also endorse the use of renewable energy in a magnificent way, so as to ensure that issues like climatic change are curbed down.

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