Symptoms of Computer Power Supply Problems

The power supply unit in a computer is the component of the computer that is solely responsible for powering up the computer. It is responsible for moderating the power that is entering the computer so that incidences of blown fuses are kept on the low. It safeguards the components of the computer from unstable power by stabilizing it in the process. Computer power supply problems do occur when the power supply becomes disturbed and cannot properly function as it is expected. There is however symptoms that the computer can show and they point out to the power supply suffering failure at such instances.

The first symptom that the computer will show to point out to a damaged power supply is that the computer will be hot when touched by ones hand. If one was to place their hand at the corner of the system unit they will feel the heat that is being produced by the power supply. In other scenarios the system unit will produce that pungent smell of something that is burning up inside the system case. In other cases this might just be a problem with the computer fan that has been clogged by dust particles and so it cannot rotate to cool the power supply unit. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove these dusts from the fan and if still it does not rotate you can conclude that is a computer power supply problem all together.

The second symptom that will show to point to problems with the power supply is the whining noises that may be heard being produced when the computer is being switched either on or off. This however is not supposed to cause that much of a scare for it points to problems within the power fan. The fan may be clogged and this is hindering it from its smooth rotation. Cleaning the fan using the vacuum cleaner will most probably eliminate the risk.

The other symptom that may point to computer power supply problems is when the computer keeps on restarting itself, keeps on turning off or it will not boot up completely. If the above are not being caused by any software issue then it is to point out that the power supply is failing. One of the reasons that have been put across that may because such is when the programs that are in the computer are drawing too much power that the computers power supply unit cannot handle. If you had recently upgraded any of your software’s that is a reason enough to cause any of the above symptoms. A failing power supply calls for it to be changed or you find a way and uninstall those particular programs.

The other symptom that may point to a computers power supply problem is when the various computer components start at different times. In cases where you find that some of the computer hardware is booting up later than the rest, this points out to failing power supply unit. When the computer is booting the power supply sends power to all the components and so if others are booting later, then the power supply needs to be changes as soon as possible.

The last symptom that may point to computer power supply problems is when the power supply fan is not blowing or it is blowing so hard. One needs to open up the system unit and using the blower clean the fan so that it is free from any form of clogging that may exist. If even after cleaning the fan and being sure that there is no clogging it still does not work, straight away you know that the power supply needs to be repaired.

Now having known all this you can take the necessary precautionary steps to make sure that your computer is same from power supply problems.

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