Why Your Computer
Power Supply is Important

One component of your PC is indeed more important than any other. That's the computer power supply. While some may boast about the operating system or number of bits, these are unimportant and even irrelevant without the ability to make the entire piece of technology function. This small hardware item is the source of what the computer needs to run – power.

The power supply has other names. It's called the power pack, switching power supply and power converter. It's most commonly referred to, however, as the power supply unit or PSU. Whatever the name, the purpose is the same. The PSU acts to supply the necessary power to any electrical device, regulating the amount. This prevents any build-up of heat.

In computers, the power supply is a built-in component that also converts the power to the voltage type required. In most instances, this means changing alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC). If you wish your computer to function to the best of its capability, you need to make sure the PSU is operating properly.

Where is the Power Supply Located?

It's easy to find the PSU of the average PC. It is found at the back of the computer. Once you find the location of the power cord, you have discovered the starting point of the PSU. If you could follow the plug inside, you would notice a small metal box. Within it is a fan. This is an internal PSU.

Some computers may have an external computer power supply. This is true of an external hard drive. It is also valid for some monitors. In these instances, the PSU is located outside the main unit. These may or may not have AC adaptors attached to the plug. The purpose of these designs is to allow the designer to make the computer smaller.

Protecting Your Power Source

The PSU is the initial point of entry for power to enter your device. This makes it critical that you ensure it is safe, reliable and in good repair. It's important you have surge protection. You need to guard the device against spikes in electricity.

While many PSUs are designed with these issues in mind, it's not a fool-proof protection system. It's important you always hook your computer up to a surge protector or Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). This is true even if you have DC powered computers.


A computer power supply is a very important part of your overall operating system. Most are built-in to your PC. While most are internal, there are a few that are external. If you wish to protect this device from such things as power surges or spikes, be sure to purchase and use a surge protector. This will ensure your computer does not suffer the consequences of a malfunctioning PSU or other computer power supply problems.

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