Five Renewable Energy Sources

Let’s face it, climate change is quickly catching up with us and we therefore need to find renewable energy sources so that we can save our environment and also the future generation. World leaders have had series of meeting with the aim of discussing the most effective way of renewing energy thus saving the environment. Copenhagen meetings and the Kyoto Protocol are some of the meetings that have been held so that stakeholders can give a clear direction on the way forward for the planet.

Hydroelectric power is one of the main and largest renewable energy sources in the United States. It has a very high generating capacity of about 77000 megawatts. This is because energy that is produced using this method comes from water which is easily available and does not have any effect to the environment. Rain water, water from river and waterfalls are released and they pass through turbines allowing them to generate energy. It is one of the best technologies for generating energy since it does not have an effect on the environment but however poses a challenge to marine life.

Biomass accounts for 11% of the world sources of energy that is renewable. The techno logy behind renewable energyusing biomass accounts for around 7000 megawatts of the total energy. Agriculture, forest products and some solid waste are the main elements that are used as biodegradable materials for renewing energy. The technology used converts the biodegradable materials into gas using the gas turbines that burn them. It is recommended and advised as an alternative energy to be used in the place of coal since it produces less sulphur dioxide

Energy from geothermal is the most cost effective energy renewable among the renewable types of energy. It is also very reliable as it generates about 2800 megawatts of energy annually. The technology behind this uses steam which is naturally occurring and is found from earth and that is the main reason for its cost effectiveness. The steam that is extracted is used to provide power to the turbines which in turn are able to generate electricity. The technology however does not use large scale production since at times it is a challenge to find sites that can be used for that purpose.

Energy from the wind is another source of renewable energy. It accounts for a total of 2500 megawatts. The strength from the wind is used to generate power that will cause the blade that is attached to the main shaft of the generator to rotate. The capacity of energy that is produced depends on the size of the turbine. Large turbines are normally used for commercial purposes such as big companies and firms while the small turbines are used for homes.

Photovoltaic cells are the other source of renewing energy that is credited for their cheap maintenance cost. It produces energy from sunlight that burns the microchip materials. The electrons that are free are what allow them to generate the energy. They are very reliable as they reduce the pollution level. Now you know this, do something about it.

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