A Guide on How to Go Green

What are the main reasons for the world should go green? There are various environmental governing bodies that are implementing policies that are meant to curb environmental problems. Climate change is a common cliché that has been dominated world’s news. Renewable energy plays a very important role when it comes to this project. They are multi-functional as they provides energy in a friendly way as well plays a very important role when comes to conservation of energy.

Solar energy is a renewable energy that is harnessed form the sun. There are some special panels that are has the ability to convert sunlight to electric energy.  Solar energy can also be utilized such that it can be used to heat water in both large scale and small scale projects. Locally, it can be used to remove wetness from various items. In biology, sunlight is very important as it provided initial energy in an ecosystem. This energy is the recycle throughout the food chain and food web. Sunlight plays a very important part when it comes to go green project. Sunlight provides energy that is used to in the manufacture of food and hence restoring forests, which in turn plays a very important part in curbing the climate change issue.

Wind is one of the renewable energy that was used in olden days to produce energy. Wind is simply air in motion, and hence posses kinetic energy which is harnessed to produce either electric energy or physical energy. It was used to propel boats and dhows in olden days. This technique was also used to draw water from well. In the current technology, wind is used to rotate turbines which are then in turn used to turn generator which are specially designed such that they can convert kinetic energy into electric energy. Wind is very important in the go green project. This is because wind is an agent of pollination. As such, it is used to transport and distribute air borne seeds. It is also an important aspect of rain as it determines the direction of rain. Those that pass over water bodies; they carry moisture toward the land.

Water is also a renewable energy. When collected in a dam, the water has potential energy. The dam is designed such that at the bottom of the water when leaving the dam is made to gush through a small space which. This water is then used to turn turbines. If connected to electricity generators the electricity is produced. Dams are very important in the project of go green as they conserve water. When it runs dry, stored water is then evaporated and then later rain forms.

Also it is very important for respective government in different countries should implement policies that favor the use of renewable energy and hence supplementing the use of fossil fuel. Apart from supplementing the use of fossil fuels, renewable energy tends to stabilize fuels. Renewable energy is cheap and hence stabilizing the prices of fuels. In conclusion, people in rural area should be educated so as to ensure that they are enlightened about the advantages.

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