Is Solar Energy
the Best PC Power Supply?

When faced with the decision to cut down on power usage, what is the best PC power supply? With the dependency of the average person on such things as desktops and laptops, it's essential to consider the compatibility of a greener power supply with these electronics. After all, the power supply is an essential component of any computer operating system. It doesn't matter whether you have DC powered computers or need an inverter to convert AC to DC, the power supply is important.

Essentially, you're dealing with two different types of PC power systems. The first is from an external source. Traditionally, this is derived from the so-called power grid. Whether it's generated from nuclear sources or carbon-based fuels, it is often considered "dirty power". For those wishing to decrease their environmental footprint, or individuals who simply want to get off the grid, a different power source is considered mandatory.

The second type of PC power source or supply is found internally within the computer. Its role is to convert the energy or power supplied from the source – traditionally alternating current (AC) into direct current (DC). Without this exchange your computer remains inert. It is unable to fulfill its tasks. The feature responsible for this within the computer is called a power supply unit (PSU). The PSU may perform its task automatically or respond to a manual selector. It conforms to specifications required by the government, and its industry. Currently, this is Advanced Technology eXtended or ATX for short.

Power and Your PC

When it comes to power and your pc, the power used to supply your computer may be traditional or solar. It's important, however, that it be capable of supplying enough energy to allow the motherboard of your computer to operate. Switcher technology facilitates the exchange from AC input into DC voltage of, typically 3.3, 5 or 12 volts. Your choice of power, whether it's wind, solar or carbon-fuel based, needs to be able to address this concern effectively.

Solar Power for Your PC

Solar power is harvested by using photovoltaic (PV) panels. It can produce enough power to supply electricity to run all the appliances and electronics in your home, including your PC. By purchasing the components for a small solar generator or making your own, you can go off the grid and still use your computer. It will provide enough power, and your PC will function up to your standards, if you plan accordingly.

Basic Requirements for Your PC Power Systems

The process may seem involved. Read up on it first before you try to install your own solar powered system.

  • Select a panel system that reflects your needs e.g. how many appliances, computers etc, it must handle
  • Make sure you have a suitable charge controller to shield your battery banks from overcharging
  • The batteries required should be either deep-cycle or heavy-duty industrial types
  • Purchase an inverter, if necessary

Be sure to talk to professionals about the best PC power supply options.Consult individuals who are already using solar power effectively. You might also want to consider phasing it in.


When it comes to the best PC power supply, you need to consider the ins and outs of power and your PC. For some, the only source of energy is traditional. They will rely on energy-efficient computers to decrease their energy and environmental costs. For others, the only solution is one that will take them off the grid. This involves turning towards alternative energy sources such as the sun.

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