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I don’t know a thing about your but I bet that you have ever heard about alternative energy resources. These resources are meant to replace the use of fossil fuels and their products. End products of petroleum are harmful to environment at large. When they react with air they form stable compound that are soluble in water found in the atmosphere, changing its chemical properties. When it rains, acidic water reacts with various items found on earth’s surface and hence interfering with their chemical properties. This leads to massive loss of marine life and plants.

Some of these alternative energy resources include: sunlight, wind, water, bio-energy and tides among others. Most of these resources are referred to as renewable sources of energy. This is because they can never be exhausted or limited. They are freely provided by nature and can be harnessed into various forms so as to produce energy.

Sunlight can be harnessed into various forms of energy such as heat electricity and light. Naturally it provides light in a project during the day without having necessarily installing artificial lighting if the project is well oriented. Solar panels, which are special cells, have the ability to convert solar energy to electric energy. The converted energy is stored in battery cell. This energy can be used to provide light, and heat. Naturally solar energy can also be used to heat water. This happens when black pipes are laid on the ground such that they are exposed to sunlight. Heat from the sun heats the water passing through the pipes and hence making it warm. If the same water is passed severally in these pipes water is heated where it is transferred to flask tanks where it can be used later for various purposes.

Kinetic energy found in the wind can also be used as alternative energy resources. Fans are positioned high above the ground such that they freely exposed to wind without other obstacles. Kinetic energy turns the turbines which are connected with gears and shafts. Rotating gears are used to turn generator which has the capability of transforming mechanical energy to electric energy. This energy later is converted in to various forms to suit the purpose intended.

Water found in dams contains potential energy. Water is later used to turn turbines which are connected to generators which converts mechanical energy to electric energy. Other alternative energy resources basically work under the same way of turning turbines except for bio-energy. Wastes from animals are collected and decay is induced. Natural gas being one of the products, it is collected and latter used for cooking. Natural gas is environmental friendly as it releases small amount of carbon dioxide and water, unlike fossil fuels which releases fumes and other harmful gases.

Alternative energy resources play a very important role when it comes to the conservation of energy. People should embrace these resources and make use of them as their maintenance is usually cheap. In conclusion, various authorities of different states should emphasis the importance of these resources and implement policies that favors their usage so as to ensure that natural environment is conserved.

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