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Yearning to know more about solar energy? Here is all is the information that you have been looking for. Since time immemorial, human have benefited from various simple ways of converting the solar energy. Simple activities like drying, warming and heating are some of old golden techniques that were developed, as man evolved. Basically, solar energy is the source of all forms of energies. It passes through various forms before representing itself in all matters. In biology, food chain and food web shows great dependency on solar system. Plants convert solar light into energy. A simple herbivores converts consumes the plant and hence energy is assimilated to its body. The herbivores use plant tissues to build up its tissues. When an omnivorous or a carnivore consumes the herbivore, energy is later transferred into their bodies. When these organisms die, decomposers act on them for food, resulting to humus. Humus is used by the plants for growth. This shows how energy is transformed from the sun to all matters.

Solar technology is widely categorized. However, it is mainly categorized into passives solar and active depending on the mode of collection involved. There are many functions about solar energy that can either locally be improvised or commercially.

Solar energy can be used to induce heating. Heat from solar energy can be used to heat water. Black pipes are placed on the surface such that they have maximum solar intensity. Water passing through the pipes gains heat and hence boils water. A parabolic stand can be used to concentrate light gathered from the sun. When light is concentrated at one point, heat is generated is then used to heat or cook.

Solar panels are designed such that they have the ability to convert solar light to electricity which can later be converted to light, and other forms. Solar energy can act as a disinfectant. Radiations from the sun can be used to destroy some micro organisms as well as germs. Surgical personnel are developing a solar surgical disinfectant. Energy from the sun can be used in drying. Heat from the sun is used to evaporate water from the article being dried, leaving it free from water.

The good thing about solar energy is that it is environmental friendly such that no by products are released. It also helps to conserve energy as there is no fuel used. It can play a very big role when it comes to conservation of forests. This is because it provides an alternative source of energy. People should abandon their primitive thought of using fossil fuels and start focusing about solar energy. This way, the entire world will enjoy the benefits of a cool climate without major shifts. Initial cost of total installation of solar energy equipment is usually high. However the maintenance and extra cost are usually negligent as compared to other sources of energy. Currently, scientist involved in these field are continuing with their research, so as to come up with other techniques that can be used to further harness the solar energy.

Your goal? Start utilizing the unlimited solar energy where you will never be asked to pay electricity bills.

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