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It seems that every time you turn your head you see a source of green energy but you do not have the slightest idea of what is green energy. This is because there has not been enough sensitization on the kind energy by the relevant bodies. With the right information, we are all likely to be more careful with these sources of green energy and more so give them the attention they deserve. As compared to other sources, it has been discovered that green energy is cheap and reliable. It does not take long to process. Oil for, instance takes a long time to decompose before it can be drilled and refined to be a source of energy. Green energy for example the sun is always readily available.

Further, green energy has been proved to be renewable. Others such as oil are depleted over time and eventually the world may have very little oil. Green energy is not easy to deplete as its sources are renewable. Take for example the sun. It does not diminish. It is always available and can be tapped every other day. Plants also grow every other day. It is not easy for someone to say that there are no trees on the surface of the earth. Food remains will always be there as people are always eating and dumping the left over. The sources of green energy can be found everywhere even in the remotest of all areas.

It has also been discovered that green energy does not have serious impact on the environment. They do not emit dangerous gases to the environment in a great extent as others like oil do. These gases are known to cause global warming and this have very dangerous results on living organisms as well as the entire globe. The use of green energy has attracted the attention of researchers and governments due to their efficiency.

There has been advent of numerous products in the market that are associated with green energy. For instance there are mobile phones that can be charged directly using the sun. This is the way to go instead of using electricity that is expensive to produce and further it has dangerous implication on our life in the long run. Before discovering what is green energy many people were using the old and expensive sources of energy but currently, there has been a paradigm shift towards the green energy. These include the solar energy, wind energy, geothermal power and hydro electric energy.

So there you have it. Be an activist for green energy in your country if your government has given it a cold reception. Ensure your country do not rag behind others by using old, tired and expensive sources of energy. They will only make the world a dangerous place to live in. Talk about it and being a serious crusader for it. Just stand up to be counted and the results will be appetizing. We should all strive for a greener, safer and better world and this will only be achieved if we join hands and match with audacity towards realization of that noble goal.

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