The Resale Rights and Marketing
of DC Powered Computers

If you work from home, consider resale rights and marketing as a great opportunity. It's an excellent means of providing yourself with a viable living. A product that is perfect for this type of marketing is DC powered computers -- they are the way to go. They are an excellent tool for communication in countries where living off the grid is not a choice but a reality. This is particularly applicable to underdeveloped or less populated countries.

The need for technology such as DC powered computers is urgent in many of the less developed nations of the world. The internet has created the potential for true global interconnection. In fact, many economic leaders and educational advocates have described technology combined with the internet, as a means of hope for those societies who find themselves marginalized.

At the 2000 meeting of the G-8, Information and Communications Technology (IT) was at the center of many discussions. One public statement sums up their interests:

    Information and Communications Technology (IT) is one of the most potent forces in shaping the twenty-first century … IT is fast becoming a vital engine of growth for the world economy … Enormous opportunities are there to be seized and shared by us all.

There is a role you can play by purchasing the resale rights for computers and reselling them in countries where they can be used as educational tools as well as for personal use and in private and public business.

DC Powered Computers

If you wish to get in on helping less developed countries while making a profit, consider the advantages of DC computers. They are an ideal solution in countries where the usual sources of power are at a premium. DC powered computers can work easily from solar systems, water-powered sources, basic generators or even traditional forms of electricity. The advantages of this particularly product make it an ideal opportunity for your internet marketing business.

Understanding the Process

This is internet marketing at a new level. If you want to become a part of it, you must understand both the product – DC powered computers, and the market. These computers are not only popular, but are a perceived need in certain markets. This is a major selling point. It's what makes it so advantageous for you to acquire the rights for marketing and reselling them.

The potential for high profits is there. In fact, it can be greater than most money made from affiliate marketing. Yet, you must also be sure to realize any potential problems in reaching your market. It's also essential you consider any legal issues that would affect your resale rights and marketing within certain countries. You should also look at issues regarding the actual distribution of the product within the country. This will mean checking with government authorities about current technology policies.


Resale rights and marketing act as a practical and powerful team when it comes to the selling and distribution of DC powered computers in developing and less developed countries. Whether your target market is personal or private individuals, business or education, you can work to sell your product. Make sure, however, you are capable of working within the framework of your product and marketing agreement and the local government or governments involved.

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