Is a Solar Battery Charger
a Viable Option?

Solar battery chargers, also known as solar chargers, are one way to supply energy for many devices. This is true whether you're at home, on a camping trip, in an isolated area or have gone with an off grid lifestyle. The decision to use them to provide you with an earth-friendly power source is a conscious one. It should also be an informed one.

What solar chargers provide you is an alternative. Instead of a disposable battery system, you can employ rechargeable solar batteries. This helps you and the environment in several ways. It reduces landfill trash. It saves money spent on disposable batteries. Moreover, the more you use re-chargeable batteries, the less there is a demand for disposables.

It is not difficult to find solar chargers for batteries. In fact, you can easily purchase a variety of sizes ranging from triple A (AAA) to a 9V. You can find and use chargers that will handle one size of batteries (single sized chargers) or many (multi-sized charger).

Factors to Consider

With the decision to go solar, you need to look at several factors related to the geography of the land you're building on or where you're located now.

Weather is also another consideration. You must look at the amount of solar energy available on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Without solar power, you won't have a sufficient charge to power up any hand held devices, let alone a DC powered computer, radio or any larger electronic equipment or appliance.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Chargers

There are several ways solar charges offer advantages. Consider the following:

  • It's not necessary to provide an external electrical power source to recharge your off grid battery - this permits you to wander anywhere without having to look for an electrical outlet
  • There are no emissions
  • Solar chargers do not create waste or waste byproducts

Overall, solar chargers provide you with an environmentally responsible and grid-free way of recharging the power supplies of many devices.

Yet, there are a few disadvantages. Unless you're also capable of storing solar energy, you can't recharge your battery-run devices during certain conditions. Remember, the sun does not shine at night. It also is not accessible for solar chargers during heavily overcast days.


It's easy to see why solar battery chargers are so popular for living off the grid, for use on camping trips and in many other situations. They are an environmentally friendly means of recharging many of your hand-held devices. As long as you're aware of the current short comings, it is possible to use the power of the sun to supply you with energy.

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