Get Off the Grid
with a Solar Powered Computer


They're an integral part of modern life. But have you ever considered buying a solar powered computer? In the push to accomplish a green alternative to power hungry, carbon spewing modern technology, turning to solar power is a natural decision. And, it addresses much more than merely such things as cost and efficiency.

For many of us, the desire to cut down on our energy consumption goes further than just saving money. It expresses and becomes the desire to create a certain life style. For some, unfortunately, it's just an expression. But for most it's the means through which they create a vision of life – one without dependency – living off the grid.

Living off the grid involves several radical changes. It does not consist of just a single component. It's not just getting a solar powered computer. In fact, it means considering different areas of life and finding easy solutions. It entails looking at the options for alternative power sources. Among these, the most readily accessible and popular is solar.

Solar Power

If you decide to turn to solar power as a solution, it's essential to consider the basic requirements. This could mean designing a home with passive solar aspects – requiring the least input from the grid. You may want to prefer, as Dave Black notes in his book "Living Off The Grid", purchasing land that has south-facing slopes. In combination with this, or as an alternative measure, you can turn to a basic solar system.

A solar system works in tandem with a low demand DC power system to create a unified whole capable of running several appliances and electronics, including a radio and a computer. To make a DC powered computer work, you'll need, in addition to a solar array, a solar charge controller, a battery bank and a load array.

What is a Solar Battery Charge Controller?

A solar battery charge controller, also known as a solar charge controller, is an important piece of equipment. It's a mechanism designed to manage (control) the state and rate of the electrical charge in a battery bank (series of batteries). It limits the amount of charge going in and coming out. Simply put, the solar battery charge controller prevents the solar panel system from overcharging the batteries. It does this by reducing or stopping the charge as soon as the battery reaches maximum capacity.

Considering a Solar Powered System?

Using a solar system is safe and efficient if you have the proper equipment and a thorough understanding of the system. It's capable of running all your appliances if you have the right solar capacity. It's also able to provide enough energy to run your electronic equipment. This includes radios, DVDs, televisions and depending upon the system - DC powered computers. In other words, a solar system is capable of providing you with the wherewithal to meet the energy demands of you and your household.


If you wish to turn to the cleaner DC alternative, and want to go green, you may decide solar power is the answer. Carefully look at what would be required to run your electronics and appliances. Will a solar powered computer fulfill your needs? When you have a complete understanding of what is feasible, go ahead with your plans. If you put in place the right system, you may actually get to take your family completely off the grid.

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