Sustainable Design in the Environment and our Lives

As it was once said by the greatest environmentalist of all time and Nobel peace prize winner Wangare Maathai “If you destroy nature, nature will destroy you”. In order to make sure that nature is not destroyed people from all walks of lives need to join hands towards sustainable design. This is by checking our activities in order to make sure that no harm is done to our environment. First of all people need to turn to renewable energy. One of renewable energy that will play a great deal in environmental conservation is use of biogas as well as cylinder gas.

Use of these two energy sources is the only way that will make sure that forest remains protected. This is because people will have the fuel that they need and they will no longer be needing firewood or charcoal for cooking. To make sure that this is realized price of gas cylinders should be lowered to make it affordable to people living in rural and urban areas. Also people need to be assisted in construction of biogas plants. This is the only that will make sure that trees remain standing in our forest. It is thus the journey of everyone of making sure that there is sustainable design in the society as people are lead by example.

Wind energy is another key way of sustainable energy use. This is because wind can be harnessed to produce electricity. As a result pollution gets to significantly reduce for those regions that are still using coal to generate power. Wind energy makes sure that there is no air pollution and that the air that we breathe is clean and pure. To some extent this has checked global warming as carbon emission into the atmosphere has reduced. Since wind energy never gets exhausted in the coming future in combination with other methods the environment will be restored to the initial condition where everything was just perfect.

Sustainable design in the use of renewable energy sources will make sure that millennium goal of sustainability gets to be achieved. In this way need of the coming generations will be looked into where the generations will find an already developed renewable energy sources which they will advance to suit their needs. Thus, people with ideas of renewable energy use should be given funds to develop their creation. Without knowing people may wake one day and find a clean fresh environment where everything is just perfect where respiratory diseases such as cancer will be eliminated through use of renewable energy. Making the world a better place depends on me and you.

Sustainability will only be achieved if people get to know how they are contributing to environmental degradation. It’s an obvious thing that if people are aware of their actions they will reverse them for the better. To achieve sustainable design there is need to have intense lobbing and campaigns to create environmental awareness. This is one of the major ways that will make sure that there is achievement of sustainable development. Now that you know about sustainable development, nothing is stopping you from sharing your ideas with the world starting with your neighbor.

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