What is Renewable Energy?

Have you been wondering what is renewable energy? Renewable energy is the energy that results from natural phenomenon such as rain, wind, sunlight, tides and geothermal heat. These energies are termed as renewable as they are unlimited and they are supplied naturally at a constant rate. About 16% of world energy is harnessed from renewable energy. This energy is very convenient as it is cheap and environmental friendly. Initial cost of installation of energy harnessing equipment is relatively high. However maintenance cost is almost zero as compared to the advantages.

Non-renewable energy such as coal and petroleum tends to release carbon among other substances when burned. Carbon released reacts with ozone layer found in the upper most atmospheres forming a cover. The resulting cover allows radiation from the sun to pass through but reflections from the surface of the earth are blocked. This causes global warming and hence affecting the climate.  Renewable energy is termed as clean as there are no byproducts involved. The other importance of renewable energy is that it is found freely and cannot be exhausted. It can easily be harnessed to provide other forms of energy.  Nonrenewable energy is limited and can be exhausted. Fossil fuels are buried deep down in the ground and exploiting them is very costly.

Solar energy can be harnessed such that it can be used for heating. World’s largest water heating plant for both residential and commercial obtains its energy from the sun. This show how light can be of great importance. Sunlight can also be converted to sunlight such so as to produce electricity. There are some special cells that are sued for this purpose. The converted energy is then stored in batteries where it can later be transferred.

Windmills are used to convert potential energy found in wind. Windmills are positioned such that they kinetic energy found in the wind are used to turn the turbines. The energy is the trapped such that it can be used to draw water from deep wells or even generate electricity.

Geothermal heat is harnessed such that water is directed towards the interior of the earth where this heat is found. After being heat by, steam comes out in a great pressure that is used to turn the turbines. Turbines induce kinetic energy which is later converted to electricity.

There are different ways in which energy from tides can be harnessed to produce electricity. Turbines are placed in such a way that they are turned. Kinetic energy generated is then trapped and converted to electricity. There are many ways renewable energy can be converted to various useful forms including simple activities like drying. Natural light can also be maximized when building a project. This reduces cost of installation of artificial lighting in any given project. Scientist is also developing more equipment that is meant to convert energy from natural resources. The modern one that is being developed is car that uses solar energy as fuel. This answers what is renewable energy question.

It is unbelievable how unlimited energy can be converted into various forms without much hassle and hence answering the question of what is renewable energy.

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