What is the Importance of Energy Green Across the Globe?

Have you ever asked yourself why the world is currently experiencing abnormal weather phenomenon despite energy green strategies? Unfortunately, current technology is the main reason behind this. Due to its demanding nature of energy, people have tried to seek different alternative energy that is cheaper and easy to maintain. The use of firewood and charcoal, demand for wood and need for more space to settling the increasing number of population has resulted to massive destruction of forests. This has greatly contributed to the climate change which explains strange geographical phenomenon. For instant, when a great mass of trees are cut down, soils erosion occurs high on the mountains. Eroded soil is then deposited in the sea floors making the crust lighter as compared to the oceanic crust. This interferes with the earth Isostasy and hence resulting to a shift of equilibrium. During these shift, massive earthquakes are triggered resulting to tsunamis as well as landslides. In short in one way or another all these phenomena are interrelated.

This has created a need to opt for other energy green sources of energy that are more environmental friendlier. Green energy is the energy that can be renewed and is freely provided by nature. Most of renewable energy sources have fewer by products and hence more convenient. They also tend to offer alternative sources of energy and hence replacing the use of fossil fuels. This tends to conserve the environment as well as natural resources.

There are many ways that renewable energy can be harnessed and converted to various forms of energy. However, these methods differ depending on the type of renewable energy. Solar energy, tides, geothermal heat and wind are some of renewable energy. Although initial installation of harnessing equipment is very expensive, the maintenance is far much cheaper as compared to the use of nonrenewable energy. All energy green is termed as clean as they tend to have no by products that might be negatively effects the environment.

Various governing bodies are working on these issues so as to ensure that energy is conserved to the latter. Bio-energy, which is a renewable energy, do not only offer an alternative source of energy but also helps to clear rubbish and animal waste that might be unsightly and unpleasant. It is also clean as no fumes are released in to the air when burning. Only a small amount of carbon dioxide and water are released. The initial installation is relatively high but maintenance value is absolutely zero, making it more convenient as compared to fossil fuel.

The main aim of energy green technology is to research on various ways that can be used to harness renewable energy. Its goal is also to ensure that renewable energy replaces nonrenewable energy. It is also aimed at increasing the efficiency of energy produced by these renewable energy power plants at minimal cost. If these objectives are meant, then the entire globe would have taken a big step to curb the climate change phenomenon and all other geographical related occurrences. So, go ahead as the first step starts with an individual, and the entire world will have benefited.

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