Ideas of What is Green Energy

Ever wondered what is green energy? This is because this phrase going green has been mentioned in many weather summits which have been held in different destinations. The objective of the summits is to create awareness on how to make the world a better place for living. Going green is being used to mean ceasing activities which cause environmental degradation such as global warming. This will be achieved through the use of renewable sources of energy which does not cause negative impacts to the environment. This is what it means when people say that the world needs to go green.

One of the ways of going green is use of solar energy. This is where instead of using fuels for lighting, lumps solar energy that uses solar energy have been designed. This is one of the answers to give when you are asked the meaning of what is green energy. In this case solar energy is converted to electrical energy which is then stored in batteries. Instead of using lumps which generate smoke which pollutes air. The result of using these lamps is that indoor air quality is interfered with which results to respiratory illnesses such as colds and allergic reaction. Solar energy is very pure and there is no harm to our health.

Going green means use of biogas as fuel in kitchen. This is for people that keep animals such as zero grazing cows and pigs. Instead of using firewood this is the way to go. Instead of complaining about the waste from these animals you could create a biogas plant that produces methane gas which acts as a good fuel in cooking. With the use of biogas you will no longer be removing tears due to smoke produced while cooking. Furthermore, logging in our forest will reduce because people now have an alternative of using biogas instead of firewood.

"What is green energy?" can be answered through various modes which have been employed in electricity production. Some countries have created geo thermal power plants in generation of electricity. This is where they have opted to produce electricity using steam that is being produced naturally from the ground. This is one of the ways that is being encouraged to realize the ultimate goal of going green. This is because the environment is protected from pollution that results when other method such as coal is used in electricity generation also a lot of cost is incurred. Therefore, going green means use of steam to generate electricity.

Hydro power generation is also one of the ways and path in going green. This is where waters from our rivers is harnessed and used to turn motors which are used in electricity generation. This is the most pure form of power production this is because no pollution that occurs. Furthermore, these process leads to creation of dams which is used for various activities such as fishing and irrigation. Thus, going green is like hitting two birds with one stone. So there you have a clue of what is green energy.

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