Why Aren't You Using the Computer Power Supply Tester?

Ever wondered how the computer power supply tester is used. If you are having problems with your computer and it is bringing you error messages all the time as well as restarting itself all the time, there is definitely a problem with your computer and you need to get it checked or better check it yourself. The most common problem that faces computers when they start getting old is the power supply system failing. You do not have to take your computer to a repair shop to get it checked for power supply failure. This is something that you can do on your own. There are tips that you can follow so that they can help you do everything right and be able to determine if your computer is indeed having power supply issues.

The power supply tester that you will use the test your computer’s power supply can be bought or you can make it on your own at home. Before you go to purchase or make a tester of your own, you should know that using the computer power supply tester is the safest and the easiest way of knowing what is going on with your computer’s power supply. Once you buy or make your own tester, you can now go ahead and use it on your computer so that you know what problem that computer is having and resolve it. It is important that you be extra careful during the testing process so that you do not get hurt and also so that you get the right results.

The first thing that you need to do before you test the power supply of your computer is to turn it off. You should then remove the plug of your computer from the power supply. The next thing that you will do is remove the power cable from the CPU of your computer then open up the CPU so that you take out a small square box. This is the power supply of your computer. You will then need to find where the ATX connector is located and find the green wire. You will also need to find where the black wire is located. The wires are usually close to each other so once you find one, the other one will not be hard to find. You should then be very careful and connect the two wires together with the use of isolating tape. The computer power supply tester is easy to use.

Once you have finished the above process, you should switch the power supply back on then switch the computer system back on so that you know if the ventilation of your power supply is working. You will then have to take a look at the LED light of your computer and see if it is on. If the light is on, this means that your power supply is working and you can put things back to the way they were. If the light does not come on, you will know that there is a problem with the power supply of your computer and you can go and get it checked so that it is repaired.

So, there you have it. You can use a tester to know what is up with your computer if it starts to act up. You have also known that it is not a must for you to purchase a tester. You can make one on your own and use it to test if your computer’s power supply is working well or mot. Using the computer power supply tester is the easiest and simplest method of finding out what is wrong with your computer and it is also the safest.

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